Come as you are and belong.

House Church

House Church is PEM’s formation of smaller groups and communities that are just as important as our larger Sunday gatherings. It is comprised of people in varying stages of faith and belief, devoted to the development of Christ-likeness within one another. No group is the same, and we celebrate the unique qualities, of every group as each are encouraged to reflect and pursue their own visions and missions. The model is taken from the early churches in Acts 2:42-47. As we gather in homes and break bread with one another, we share our stories, study the Word of God and walk out our faith.

Our ultimate goal and vision is to love God, love one another and love the world as a community, working through all the brokenness and imperfections in each other’s lives. House Church is meant to be more than a weekly meeting. We see each house church as a family unit, which works through the messiness of life together, learns to love God and His truth, and invites the unchurched into our inner circles.

We believe we are to be servants, just as Jesus served us on the cross. Every House Church is aimed to serve one another, the church, our community, and ‘the least of these’ (Matthew 25:31-46). In that way we can be missionaries as the Holy Spirit empowers and equips us to proclaim the good news of Jesus to each other, and to the world. Being part of a House church reminds us that we are not alone in these endeavors, but that we have brothers and sisters around us that go with us.

Our House Churches are divided into three types: Family, Young Adult (Post-College), and Emmaus (College). We invite you to get more information and hopefully join one of our House Churches!


We recognize there is a huge need in the church of this generation to have spiritually healthy families that grow together. PEM wants to be a church that can host those environments of spiritual and communal growth. If you are a husband, wife, or parent desiring to find other families to walk with in faith at PEM, we invite you to be a part of our community of families. Our families meet regularly through our house churches and authentic friendships to fellowship and spur one another to trust Jesus more and more daily. We are always eager to welcome new families into our community so come meet us Sunday!


PEMkids is our children’s home for ages 2-11. We desire to create a nurturing, safe, and loving experience each Sunday. We treasure each child that comes through our doors and into our hearts! The goal of our ministry is to teach the children about God’s saving grace and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an age-appropriate manner through songs, crafts, activities, and lessons that point to our Savior.

Young Adult

The PEM young adult community seeks to serve others above ourselves by constantly combating the temptations of individualism and seeking to uplift the body of believers in community and finding our worth in Jesus. We see the great potential of being the hands and feet of PEM, by having an abundance of resources to serve the church and community. The Lord has blessed our ministry with a big and continually growing group of us who not yet have the worries of child-rearing and are no longer concerned about being old enough to have a drink. PEM ‘young’ adults are constantly searching for new opportunities for the Gospel to break through in our workplaces, neighborhoods and friend groups, learning to walk as a disciple of Christ and learning how to disciple each other.


Emmaus is PEM’s initiative to focus on Gospel-centered growth and community building on the college campus. Named after the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24), Emmaus aims to support students’ spiritual journeys amidst their varying walks of life. Whether just entering college or transitioning into young adulthood, we hope that Emmaus will serve as an accessible community that mutually strives to grow in our understanding of the Christian faith and spirituality in a college environment.