Welcoming Team

Welcoming wants to encounter, embrace and encourage every single brother and sister who walks through the doors of God’s house on Sunday. The family of God is one body and every part of the body has been positioned exactly the way He designed. Knowing that, we seek to remind everyone that His doors are always open and that everyone has a position and community within PEM.  We encourage those who desire to give that kind of outpouring to join us to welcome both the familiar and unfamiliar into God’s church.

PEM Worship

We seek to cultivate an environment where our lives are constantly giving glory to the Lord. Worship, particularly in the form of musical art, is a weapon for God to unite and restore the church and its members in every way. Hence, PEM Worship is deeply invested in making this needed congregational experience accessible to all. We welcome those who desire to use their musical and technical talents to enhance the worship of our church through this ministry.

PEM Media

We believe that God is glorified through consumable media and the arts. We aim to deliver all communications through a variety of mediums including creating Sunday announcement slides, providing resources on our website, and taking pictures. We invite all creative individuals to join and make PEM’s next memory.

Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee exists to carry out the heart of Jesus through the pillars of local and global outreach and missions. United by our desire to see the world awakened by Gospel,  we want to usher in the Kingdom by demonstrating acts of love, care, and generosity for those in our neighborhood and in the nations. We seek to provide those opportunities for the church so that everyone lives in the calling and joys in being a Kingdom worker.

Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Committee strives to put the meaning of “PEMily” into practice in our church at large by gathering, breaking bread, and loving one another. We look forward to bring the Church together and to always involve the greater community through a variety of ministry-wide fellowship events. Discovering and sharing your abilities and gifts is always encouraged to further serve others here.

Retreat Committee

While living out our individual daily lives, we often get fatigued and are in need of rest and comfort. We believe that retreats give us a time to reconnect with God, have a time of self reflection, and for unity within our ministry. As a committee, our goals are to organize this time of communal revival and to make our big community come together to make it seem smaller, safe, and intimate. If you would like to be involved in the planning, promotion and execution of PEM retreats, please do not hesitate to get involved.

Finance Committee

The finance committee strives to be good stewards of tithings and offerings generously given by our members. We work to process all givings accurately and with absolute confidentiality. Management of budgets are done weekly and financial reports are generated monthly to assess the financial wellbeing of our ministry. We invite you to help the church be good stewards of our blessings.

Sports Ministry

Sports play a significant role in building friendships at PEM. Our various sports activities, such as flag football tournaments and inter-church basketball games, help build relationships that go beyond Sunday service . Whether you’re an athlete or not, we encourage you to join and be a part of this ministry.